Eid Printables 2019: Gift Tags and Eid Mubarak Envelopes


I was just telling a friend how ‘frazzled’ is the one-word synopsis of my current state of mind. I didn’t create any printables last year because I was faced with a similar sensation of being overwhelmed. And I hate that this is becoming a kind of personal theme. My inner life-coach advises that I should change the things I don’t like and so I’m trying to chip away at the blocks I’ve set up in front of myself by doing something just for myself; a project that wasn’t commissioned or asked for.

This year’s batch of free Eid printables include four Eid Mubarak gifting envelope designs (one of which is a DIY colour-in) and a sheet of Eid Mubarak gift tags in a complementary design.

I printed these at a local print store on 200 gsm matt stock. I like the tactility of the thicker paper.

You will find the download links at the end of this post.

I hope you find joy in these. Tag me on Instagram (@saaleha_b) or comment below if you’re using these in your Eid gifting this year, it swells my heart so!

Download links:
Blue Eid Mubarak Envelope
Purple Eid Mubarak Envelope
Emerald Eid Mubarak Envelope
Colour-In Eid Mubarak Envelope
Eid Mubarak Gift Tags


Click here to access free Eid printables from previous years.

4 Responses
  • Sherin Bibi Ebrahim setar
    May 30, 2019

    Beautiful Loveland very amazing

  • Nazrana
    June 3, 2019

    Yayy!! Thank you!!! Definitely using this for my Eid gifts

    • saaleha
      June 3, 2019

      Wonderful! It’s an absolute pleasure.

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