Cinnamon-honeyed Strawberry Filling


Cinnamon, apparently, does something wonderful to blood sugar levels. I’ve been told that a cup of hot* honey and cinnamon water taken first thing in the morning and before bedtime is something of a miracle fatty melter. I will confirm this efficacy once Dora the Double-Chin takes her leave.

Honey, cinnamon and strawberries makes for a muy mágico ménage à trois.

In a pan; slice up a couple of strawberries, add dollops of creamed or regular honey and sprinkle with cinnamon. Warm on the stove until the strawberries soften and there’s a bit of syrupy action going on.

Remove from heat and pile on toast, waffles or pancakes.

*not too hot as I’ve read that high temperatures blitz honey’s beneficial properties.

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