Since the shift to pursuing photography professionally, I no longer take on any graphic design work. However, I still enjoy working with type and graphics to create fun personal projects for myself and friends. Putting together these free Eid printables has become something of an annual tradition here on Ice Cream Everyday.

I’ve had these hydrangea graphics in my design resource folder for some time and I thought it would give this year’s printables a classic Springtime feel (an obviously aspirational theme as we’ve just started winter).

Along with three different gift tag designs, I’ve also included a template for a mini treat box and two envelope designs.

I kept the typography a little more condensed on the second envelope to allow for a neater finish if you’re thinking about trying your hand at DIY foiling (click here for a tutorial)

I do hope you enjoy these!

Click the graphic below to download a zipped folder containing all the printable files (gift tags x3, treat box and envelopes x2).

If you’re unable to download the zipped folder from the image link above, click here to access the files on Google Drive.