Before lockdown, I’d bookmarked terrazzo floored and walled interiors as home decor inspo. It’s going to be a long time before normal is normal again, and we can get to un-pausing all of life’s non-essentials. Until then, there’s still an Eid to celebrate as best we can, despite the restrictions and, what can be, overwhelming emotion. I grew up within a faith that preached gratitude in all circumstances, and it’s that sense of ‘it is what it is, let’s just get on with it’ that’s kept me buoyed.
So, with my hopes of a bathroom renovation in the near-future suspended, I decided to give these free printables the terrazzo treatment instead.
These are designed to be printed in black and white on an A4 sheet.

Click the links below to download the PDFs:

Eid Mubarak Card

Eid Mubarak Gift Tag

Click here to view free Eid printables from previous years:

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