It’s that time of the year again!

This year’s Eid printables are bright and cheery. I wanted this edition to feel optimistic and hopeful.

I’ve included a gift tag and two types of envelope design in the 2021 Eid Mubarak Freebie Download pack.

I usually take the files to my local print shop but if you are using a home printer, you can opt to print the more economical, less ink-intensive envelope design.

As a bonus this year, I made a version of the gift tag printable with editable text fields. Open the file in Adobe PDF or any other PDF reader and you’ll be able to add a short note/name of the gifter below the Eid Mubarak sentiment. Editing one text field on a tag will effect a change in all of them (I’m still learning my way around this function, maybe next year’s batch will allow each tag to be uniquely customisable). Click Save and when you open the file again, your changes will be recorded. The fields will still be editable, so you can change the message and print a new batch each time.

Here are the links to your free Eid printable files:

Eid Mubarak Gift Tags (8 tags on an A4 sheet)
Editable Text Eid Mubarak Gift Tags (8 tags on an A4 sheet)
Full-Colour Envelope (1 envelope per A4 sheet)
Ink-Economy Envelope (1 envelope per A4 sheet) 

Tag me on Instagram; @saaleha_b with photos of these on your Eid gifting.