To know me is to know that I am a notebook junkie. Stacks on stacks of blank beauties fill up my shelves. There’s something holy about the unwritten, but that’s talk for another post. This here is about making-over a pack of plain-jane Moleskine cahiers with decorative duct tape and some twine. I gifted these to a friend a few years back and came across the pictures again while cleaning up gigs of RAW files.

When it comes to needlework I am hopelessly inept. Stitching on card, however, is a soothing therapy. First trace your pattern onto the card. Using a thick embroidery needle, prick holes along the outline of your tracing at regular intervals. The spaces between the holes will determine the length of your stitches. Use bakers’ or thin packaging twine to stitch your pattern through the holes you’ve created. For a neater finish I stick a piece of card over the underside of the stitching.


Decorative masking tape can be fussy to cut. I find it easier to stick a length of tape onto card stock and then proceed to snip out any shapes. There’ll be less goo on the scissors and even less frustration crocodile-wrestling with a stubborn piece of tape.


The Moleskine cahiers are the perfect size for slipping into a wage envelope for gifting. One cahier per envelope, a decorative paper belly-band to keep the stack together and you’ve got a neat something-something to warm a notebook-lovers heart.