Ice Cream Everyday is a blog about cooking, crafts and other creative nesting pursuits. Its content takes the form of narratives, recipes and tutorials.

  • I am aware that a certain amount of reciprocity is expected when a freebie is extended to a blogger. Therefore I can’t, in good faith, accept items or perks that do not speak to the purpose of Ice Cream Everyday.
  • I do not post product reviews. However, I do mention ingredients/tools I am able to use with success in a recipe or craft project.
  • I do not post restaurant reviews.
  • I love attending foodie events and interesting product launches. My coverage of the event may not result in a blog post on Ice Cream Everyday, but in updates to my Twitter and Instagram accounts. If the pictures I take are particularly interesting, I will post them onto or my Flickr account.
  • My religious beliefs preclude the consumption of alcohol, pork and non-halaal meat products. I am therefore not the ideal person to invite to a wine-tasting or a restaurant event where there are no halaal, vegetarian or pescetarian options available.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all text and imagery on Ice Cream Everyday is the intellectual property of Saaleha Bamjee and may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without my written consent.
  • I do not publish prepackaged content of any kind.
  • I do not publish sponsored posts unless they align with my editorial policy (independent content in the form of narratives, recipes and tutorials.) As a freelance writer and photographer, I am happy to be considered for any other photographic or editorial commissions. Pop me an email for my rate card. View my work here and here.
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