How to kill time to great effect:

Improvise a notepad-wallet using bits of things you may have around your home office.

Or in my case raid the craft junk accumulated over the years looking for something that will double up as fasteners because the paper-brads I had in mind just weren’t working out. Hence the gogga-like fuzzy black things (pipe cleaners in their not-so-secret lives).

However, I had something of a brain-drizzle while blogging this and reworked the cover-fastenings so that they looked less like toxic caterpillars (and a bit more like displaced boobs).



What went in?

For the notepad: A4 printer paper cut into quarters with the bottom corners rounded, two staples, piece of lace sticker tape to hide the staples.

For the wallet: Corrugated cardboard, scrapbooking paper, two paper-brads to secure the loops made from a rubber-band, rest of the fastener fashioned from four paper circles and two brads, four eyelets (two for the loops to enter the cover and two for the fastening-brads to be secured through), a velcro dot.

I’m giving this to my little cousin who starts Grade One this year.