I like to think that it’s chaos that’s always so conducive to general creativity. But that kind of thinking is really just a crutch for the untidy (me). I admire people who maintain neat workspaces with the exactness of spacey Scandinavian minimalism. It’s an aesthetic I ache to embrace, but my reality is that I just have too much stuff, in all colours and all sorts of patterns. Therefore my organisational solutions need to compliment the range of things they are to contain.

And so I fashion a desk organiser from an old crate.


Jam and pickle bottles get belly bands and buttons to aid their transformation into interesting catch-alls.


This mug tree gets re-purposed as a ribbon holder.


And an enamel mug makes a nifty keeper of loose-ends.


What are some of the interesting ways that you keep your craft spaces, grocery cupboards and fridges organised? The most novel idea will win a set of ADDIS Easy Keepers*. Leave your tip in the comments section of this post. And if you’ve not done so already, be sure to subscribe to IceCream Everyday by clicking here to receive an occasional newsletter filled with blog updates and a few special extras.


Good luck!

*Competition closes at midnight (GMT+2) on June 30th and is open to South African residents only.

12 thoughts on “Crafty Organisation & a Giveaway!

  1. I use old schoolbags, lunch bags and pencil cases for my various art items (brushes, fabric, paint and miscellaneous items). I also use tablet containers (those little brown ones) and the bioplus / berocca containers for glitter and sequins

  2. I use small plastic baskets in both my grocery cupboard and fridge to group the like items together. I also reuse the clover fresh cream containers and the mayo jars, just make them look pretty and pop cutlery and odds and ends in them.

  3. I use an unused wooden tea box…and dish washing sponges inserted inside…to organise scarf pins and broaches for easy access. .

  4. I use my daughters empty formula milk tins to store flour, sugar, rice etc. Keeps it fresh too. Good use for the 100 of tins we go through☺

  5. I take glass jars. Decorate them in a variety of ways fill them with the round colourful gumballs and give them as gifts to family and friends

  6. Glass jars are my fav. hold alls.
    Jewellery making is my hobby,I have a bookshelf & I have screwed on the jar lids on the underhang of the shelves. In this way I can store my beads & still be able to see them & locate it easily. This makes use of the aerial space bet.the shelves & the shekf itself is still useable.

    Ice cream containers,I love using in the bedroom cupboards as dividers and storage at once. neat freak!

  7. I reuse empty ghee buckets to store dhalls in. You can also put maiizena and icing sugar etc in it. I also reuse the nesquick and milo containers for my daughters colour pencils and crayons. Also the big ferrero chocolate containers are nice for cotton wool or hairbands and clips or even jewellery.

  8. Slms I re use wooden tomato crates in my hubbys shop to store the various sizes of habberdashery etc.jus label em in the front n pull out like drawers.and I re make Ouma rusk boxes turning them inside out decorate n use as gifting boxes.

  9. I’ve upcycled a few empty coffee tins, baked beans tins and tuna tins by covering them with scrapbooking, I added a ribbon rim and a pretty fabric flower. My girls use them to hold pens, colour pencils, kokis and the tuna tins for erasers and smaller items.

  10. I make up a tomato box. .. stores craft goodies. .. kiddies books..made it up for 2. teachers at school who use it everyday and got good remarks from their hods.. wouldn’t mind sending pics. ..

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