Step One

Step One: Gather the following:

  • Round nose pliers
  • Glue
  • four paper circles per flower (I circle-punched the insides of junk-mail envelopes)
  • one wire per flower (I used wire from an old spiral-bound notebook)
  • rhinestones for the middle of each flower
  • (not shown: washi tape and a piercing tool – I used the sharp point on a safety pin)

Step Two

Step Two: Fold each of your paper circles as pictured. Use your plier to bend and shape the end of your wire.


Step Three

Step Three: Stick the two half-folded circles on to the unfolded one, only adhering one half of each circle.


Step Four

Step Four: Stick the pinch-folded circle to the sides of the circles that were left unglued in the previous step.


Step Five

Step Five: Poke a hole through the centre of the flower with your piercing tool and push the wire through.
To prevent the flower from shifting on the wire, you can use glue or wrap washi tape around the base of the flower, where it meets the stem.


Step Six

Step Six: Adhere a rhinestone to the centre of your flower.