This combination of yoghurt, raspberries, syrup and finger biscuits makes for a light dessert, perfect for capping off a rich or spicy meal.

Three yoghurt cups requires about 1 and 1/2 cups of prepared syrup, 6 short finger biscuits and about 600ml of yoghurt. The quantity of raspberries is based on taste preference. I eyeballed this, so you may find yourself adjusting as you go along.

  • Prepare a simple syrup using equal parts sugar and a mixture of water and raspberry juice.
  • When the syrup is lukewarm, work quickly to coat the finger biscuits. Don’t allow the biscuits to soak through, you want them to soften just a little.
  • Swirl the remainder of the syrup through good quality yoghurt and stir in fresh raspberries that have been cut in half.
  • Pour the yoghurt mixture into glass bowls or cups.
  • Pop in the finger biscuits and top with fresh whole raspberries.
  • Serve immediately.