Brain-mothered by Nadia from Cupcake Couture, the annual Package Project pairs up two participants willing to swop, over post, parcels packed with goodies and sweet thoughts.

Nadia, the genius match-maker that she is, partnered me with Marie, an International Relations and Economics student from Germany, based in Vancouver, Canada.

Marie and I swopped a few emails before we put our packages together and it was a delight to discover just how much we had in common.

Marvelous Marie sent me washi tape, gorgeous German chocolate, teas, biscuits, journaling ephemera, charms, earrings, a notebook, beauty products, mix-cds, a neckscarf and a sweet little crocheted doily. It was a veritable treasure box!

I sent Marie notebooks, cards and ephemera to use in her journaling, as well as some Rooibos tea and little bits of South African-flavoured things.

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