I found myself at the Bryanston Organic Market last week Thursday interviewing stall-holders about South African foodieism for an article I was writing for FM Life. At Lucy’s Fruit and Veg, I picked up a packet of morogo. Having never eaten it before, I had vague notions about it cooking down like spinach. I now know that it’s a wonderful green, not unlike spinach, but definitely more leafy tasting (in a really pleasant way).

I first gave the morogo a rinse, discarding the fluffy buds from the sprigs. In a pan, I heated up olive oil with whole cumin and added chopped onion and tomato. I then added the morogo, along with a bit of turmeric, fine red chilli powder, some ground cumin and coriander blend and freshly ground black pepper. Once the morogo had cooked down to that wilted spinach consistency, I stirred through a few teaspoons of reduced fat cream and added one cubed round of feta cheese.

I’m going to serve this as a side tonight but I also think this would be magic in samoosa pur or as a spanakopita.