I was looking for a way to marry what seemed like two very disparate components in this week’s Freshly Blogged Challenge: chicken livers and white chocolate.

The organisers were just sympathetic enough to allow us two dishes and I decided to use citrus elements to link my main and dessert. I adapted a family recipe for spicy chicken livers as a lemony pie filling and used canned mandarin segments to crown a white chocolate pudding.

My mother-in-law uses fine mustard powder when preparing chicken livers. Working within the ambit of this challenge’s requirements, I used a mustard condiment to bring in that element of flavour and to amp up the saucy consistency I was aiming for with the chicken liver pie filling.

The mandarins in the cayenne-spiced syrup worked very well to counter the sweetness of the white chocolate puds and it was just the right amount of heat to provide a bit of palate-interest.

Click here to download the recipe.