I  take my coffee neat; straight-up black, no sugar. Milk is usually for when my knees need the calcium or I’m ordering a cup from a place that over-percolates. Milk will mask the worst of a stale over-roast. Black coffee is too honest for its own good.

There are times where I’m celebratory and feel like having a bit of fun and froth in my espresso. Up until yesterday, I’d been using an Aerolatte frothing wand to aerate warm milk. It’s a nifty and compact gadget but it does require you to be handsy to get the foam going. And because it lacks the ability to warm the milk, I use the microwave for a quick heat-through, and this often results in a few absent-minded over-spillages.

After attending a Nespresso recipe demo at their store in Sandton yesterday, I experienced  intense lust-have for the Aeroccino. It warms, it froths and you can add syrups and flavourings directly into the milk. And as long as you don’t fill the cannister above the maximum line, it’s a one-push-button-hands-free experience. Coffee will never be the same for me again.

The Nespresso baristas took us through five drink recipes using a range of Nespresso pods. Each one was decanted decadence. Here are the recipes for you to try with your Nespresso machine. These could be adapted for use with traditional coffee-makers.

Choco Coco Latte Macchiato

  • 1 capsule Arpeggio Grand Cru
  • 200ml milk
  • 10ml coconut syrup
  • 2 teaspoons Nutella
  • grated coconut

Decorate the rim of your glass by coating it with nutella and a sprinkling of grated coconut.
Put 2 teaspoons of Nutella at the bottom of  the glass.
Heat the milk and add in the coconut syrup.
Prepare the flavoured milk froth using the steam nozzle of your Nespresso machine or the Aeroccino milk frother.
First pour the steamed milk onto the Nutella and then add the froth.
Prepare an Arpeggio Grand Cru and pour it gently into the glass.


Aztec Delight

  • 1 capsule of either Roma or Decaffeinato Intenso Grand Cru
  • 1 tablespoon sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 teaspoon bitter cocoa powder
  • 100 ml skimmed milk
  • ¼ teaspoon of powdered cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons caramel syrup
  • 2 teaspoons of double cream, room temperature
  • 1 stick of cinnamon

Put the condensed milk into a cappuccino cup.
Add cocoa, cinnamon, and 1 tablespoon of milk at room temperature. Stir with a long, slim whisk until smooth or prepare in the Aeroccino.
Top up with a prepared espresso of either Roma or Decaffeinato Intenso Grand Cru
Top with the cream, and a drizzle of caramel.
Garnish with the cinnamon stick and enjoy immediately.



Cafè Banana Split

  • 1 capsule of either Livanto or Decaffeinato Intenso Grand Cru
  • 1 spoonful of brown sugar
  • 200ml milk
  • 1 Marie biscuit
  • 1 small banana
  • caramel dessert topping/syrup

Place a spoonful of brown sugar in the glass.
Prepare 40ml of the Nespresso Grand Cru.
Pour the milk in the Aeroccino milk frother and press the cold milk froth button or use the steampipe.
Pour the milk and milkfroth on the coffee.
Slice the banana.
Place a Marie biscuit halfway down the glass to act as a support for the banana slices.
Place the pieces of banana on the biscuit.
Pour caramel dessert topping over the banana.

Borgia Mocha

  • 1 capsule of either Livanto, Volluto or Decaffeinato Grand Cru
  • 2 teaspoons of powdered chocolate
  • semi-skimmed milk
  • sugar
  • whipped cream

Prepare a hot chocolate to half fill a cappuccino cup by mixing hot milk and 2 teaspoons powdered chocolate.
Sweeten the hot chocolate to suit your taste.
Place the cup of hot chocolate on the grid of your Nespresso machine and then prepare the equivalent of an Espresso cup directly into your cup.
You can increase its smoothness by adding a touch of whipped cream.

Apricot Iced coffee

  • 1 capsule of Ristretto Grand Cru
  • 50ml of apricot nectar
  • 1 tablespoon of condensed milk
  • 1 cup of crushed ice
  • Soft brown sugar

Decorate the glass by dipping the rim into a saucer of lemon juice and then into a saucer of brown sugar.
Prepare a Ristretto in a cup.
Add the crushed ice into a cocktail shaker and pour the coffee on the ice.
Add the condensed milk and shake energetically.
Add the apricot nectar and shake again.
Pour into the glasses and serve.


I was eager to take the Aeroccino for a spin and try out the Nespresso Vanilio capsule. What better way than to start my day with a breakfast of crème brûlée?  Though I don’t often drink soy milk, I like experimenting with alternatives. This one’s for the vegans.

My recipe for Nespresso Crème brûlée (soy) Latte Macchiato

  • 1 capsule Vanilio
  • 1 teaspoon crème brûlée-flavoured syrup
  • soy milk
  • cinnamon

In the Aeroccino, heat and froth the soy milk and syrup along with a dash of cinnamon.
Pour the prepared milk and foam into cup.
Top up with an espresso shot of Nespresso Vanilio.

The Nespresso Ultimate Coffee Experiences happen every Wednesday morning between 10h00 and 13h00 at their Sandton City store.
Book a spot by emailing eventsandton@nespresso-sa.co.za