timeout-jar labels

It’s impossible to gift someone time, but you can give them something that reminds them it’s ok to take a few minutes off each day.

Grab a clean glass jar and fill it with bird-seed or small vials of scented oils or pieces of paper with inspirational aphorisms. You could even put together a mini-jewellery making kit. Another fun idea; print out a travel-sized checkers board and include interesting buttons for game pieces.

It doesn’t matter what goes into the jar, you want the recipient to have something fun and relaxing to do for a short period of time, just enough to put the kibosh on their stresses.

I created these print-and-cut labels for your Time-Out gift jars. There’s a space on them for you to write a personal message along with the suggestions for your time-out idea. I love spending a bit of time each day outside scattering out bread crumbs or seed for birds. To be present in a moment, no matter how insignificant the action may seem, is a true balm for the frenzied soul.

Here are the download links for the labels in PDF format (each label has an 80mm circumference):

Magenta and Brown



Pink and Lime