While Eaton Mess or good old stock-standard strawberries and cream are good for no-brainer take-along desserts, I wanted something a little more thoughtful for my niece Zeenat’s 3rd birthday party.

I call this the Strawberry Triple, as it’s exactly that; three layers of strawberried variation.

First layer:
Prepare a packet of strawberry jelly and pour into a large serving bowl/individual serving bowls. Put aside to set.


Second layer:
Macerate 700g of thickly chopped strawberries in a little vanilla sugar. Spoon over set jelly.


Third layer:
In a heavy based pot, warm 500ml of cream. Pop 25 pink marshmallows into the pot; a few at a time, waiting for them to melt before further additions. Stir in 250g ofย  thinly chopped and macerated strawberries. Flavour the mixture with one teaspoon of strawberry essence and one teaspoon of cardamom (I overkill this combo sometimes but I also can’t get enough of it). To achieve a warm pink colour, add a drop of red food colouring. Allow the mousse to cool for about five minutes before pouring over the second strawberry layer.

Set the dessert overnight.