Eid Printables: Giftwrap and Cards

This year, I decided to create a patterned giftwrap for my Eid gifting.

This year, I decided to take a crack at creating patterned gift wrap for my Eid gifting. Inspired by work from companies like Modern Eid, I wanted to pay homage to the Islamic aesthetic while maintaining a contemporary sensibility. This was the end result; a tiled motif incorporating an Eid Mubarak sentiment typeset in flavour-of-the-month-font Lavenderia.

I used the same pattern, with a few adjustments, on gift-tags and a series of printable Eid Cards.

My Eid gift to you is that I’ve made pdfs of the giftwrap and cards in three colour variations available for download.


The giftwrap is designed to print on a sheet of A3 paper in landscape format.

Links to downloads:

Eid Giftwrap – Blue and Orange
Eid Giftwrap – Red and Orange
Eid Giftwrap – Green

The Eid cards are designed to print on a sheet of A4 paper in landscape format. There are two card designs per page. Use card stock for best results. Print, trim off the white edges, cut along the black line in the middle to separate the cards, fold each one down the middle and write your sentiment inside.

Links to downloads:

Eid Cards – Red and Orange
Eid Cards – Green
Eid Cards – Blue and Orange

Eid Mubarak!

12 comments on “Eid Printables: Giftwrap and Cards

  1. Thank you thank you thank you! What a generous heart you have to offer these things for free download! I have been looking all over for customizable Ramadan and Islamic decorations and gifts and such, and they are so hard to come by. Coupled with the fact that I am handy with the computer makes holiday time a little miserable for me 🙁
    Thank you again and happy Ramadan 🙂

  2. your work is awesome! thanks for helping out with those free printables, finding beautiful eid designs like those is refreshing!
    thanks so much!

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